Thursday 12 November 2009

A Time To Rejoice

yatta 01

So, what is a teenage meant to do with three months of holidays?

Exams are over, which marks the end of first year at RMIT for me. Freeeedom. I'm ever so slightly unsure as what to do now. Three months? That's a lot of free time, in my opinion of course.


Let the bludging begin.

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Hi *waves*

can't sleep, will melt 01

“What now?”

can't sleep, will melt 02

“Then why are you blogging?”
“Just procrastinating my sleep.”

can't sleep, will melt 03

“Don’t you have an exam tomorrow?”
“Yup. But it’s too hot to sleep, so I thought I’d go looking for some old photos I remember my dad taking years ago.”

can't sleep, will melt 04

“Don’t stay up too late okay?”

can't sleep, will melt 05

“Aiya, don’t worry. See you later.”

can't sleep, will melt 06

Saturday 7 November 2009

And A Happy Slurpee Day To You Too

my stomach hurts 01

Ever enthusiastic about obtaining goods for free, a few of us armed with nothing but a iPhone and a car, ventured out today in the quest of getting ourselves some free Slurpees.

my stomach hurts 02

We first attempted to hit the Mt Waverley 7/11 - that failed. On our second attempt, Box Hill, we were also unsuccessful. Third time lucky, Camberwell, we managed to get one. Not entirely happpy with the rude and grumpy attitude of the folk who resided there, we ventured on into the city. Our target, Collins St.

my stomach hurts 03

We came.

Image Hosted by

We took.

my stomach hurts 04

We rejoiced.

I hope your 7/11 day was just as fun :]

my stomach hurts 05

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Sharing The Fun

I do what the can says 01

Some time last week I decided to replace my "bag camera" from my Sony P&S with my newly acquired, and vastly more awesome, Fanta can shaped film camera. Nothing fancy, just fully mechanical point and shoot, but it was great fun to use.

I do what the can says 02

After taking photos normally, I tried see if I could maybe do some double exposures with it, but the shutter button would lock after you take a photo, forcing you to advance the roll. Did I give up? No, I tried rewinding the roll to the previous photo and took another photo! Yeah...that didn't actually work out, Half my roll came out completely burned out, with a few black spots. So sad...

I do what the can says 03

I love how warm, crappy focus and film grain give some photos such a nostalgic feel.

I do what the can says 04

Flickr set

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Just Your Average Little Rant


LOL @ fail photo of me trying to break my phone.

What a crappy day. After waking up too late to make it to my practical class, I get online to check my bank balance. No change. Fan freaking tastic. A week after I should have been paid, I still haven’t been paid. This sucks, because I might have to pay a fine to Metlink as I didn’t have my health care card (concession card) on me today. The one time I forget to bring my wallet with me, the one time, and there has to be inspectors on the tram.

But why am I catching public transport when I have a car? On the weekend some foo managed to run into the rear of the Rav. The damage wasn’t huge, but it still means the car had to be sent off to be repaired under insurance. So, I’m carless for about a week. Yayy...not. To think I missed catching public transport.

On my way home on the bus I try going online, but the phone won’t connect to the internet. Yeah okay, this has happened before, no big deal. I get home, decide to make a call, but then get a nice message from a lady informing me that my 3 service isn’t connected. Oh really? Even after I paid your stupidly huge bill last month for random crap? 3 can go get stuffed once this contract is over.

As of today, and until sometime next week, I will be without my baby Nikon because it's with Steven so he can do some photo shoot this Saturday. I don't mind this, but when I went for my little digi cam, the battery was flat, which means that I actually typed this post up two hours ago but have simply been waiting for the battery to charge so I can take a photo to accompany this post. Fuuuuuu..

Only things that could make this worse is for my mum to come home saying that Centrelink have cut off my Youth Allowance support and that the Rav won’t be coming home until next month. Then, in a few weeks I get an appeal rejection from Metlink, forcing me to pay the $175 fine and another massive bill from 3 for crappy service. ASODHASHGFJKAHFSAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit: Phone issue resolved~ For some reason a bill payment from July was rejected. That been paid for, and I now have a huuuuuuge phone and internet cap :D

Monday 14 September 2009

This Was The Happiest Day Of My Life

woah 01

It’s been a week full of work shifts, photo whoring and driving.

The week started off with me stressing over whether or not I’d be able to find an instructor, so I would actually have a car to do my driving test in. After calling RACV numerous times, I got nothing and decided to give Dr. Traffic, a driving school suggested by a mate, a call. Couldn’t have been simpler. I called up, gave my details, got a lesson booked within 10 minutes.

woah 02

So with that out of the way, I had nothing to worry about, or so I thought. Mum had opened up a new store in Docklands and got Telstra to setup an ADSL connection to it, so there I got appointed resident tech support. Then over the course of the week, I begin to discover the problems wrong with the PC sitting in the shop. First off, the CD drive doesn’t open, it works but just doesn’t open. Fair enough, I’ll bring a spare over and put that in. Nope, the thing won’t boot now. Okay, I’ll just bring my laptop and setup the modem through that, done right? Nope, turns out some drivers didn’t get installed on the shop’s PC, so it can’t pick up Ethernet connections. Hopefully they’ll finally get online this week.

woah 03

Oh yeah, be wary when you go overseas and buy a pair of fake shoes. My second pair of Vans slip ons don’t really seem to like my feet all that much.

woah 04

And now the photo whoring part of the week begins.

woah 05

And so fellow co-founder of the Darren Cheah Fanclub Chloe, wanted to use me and my “pro” camera to take some snaps of tram power lines and spiders. Sooo, for three days we ran around the city, asking places if they’d let us take photos from their windows as the photos obviously had the be taken from above.

woah 06

Of course, we took photos along the way of anything that filled the criteria; “that looks cool!”.

woah 07

Oh, yes, I did manage to pass my driving test...luckily. That was the happy day of my life. I've been driving as much as I can since, and already managed to go though a whole tank of petrol OTL.

woah 08

Thursday 10 September 2009

I'm Bored, And It Appears To Be Blogger's Birthday.

lalala 01

Home life can be pretty boring when you’re home alone on your day off, and even though I do have a few other things I should be finishing off, I decided the best cure for my boredom would be to take some random photos around my room.

lalala 02

Let the photo spamming begin (or continue)! I still need to learn how to post process properly, but, I cbf reading the online tutorials. Maybe if I had the time, and plenty of disposable cash, I’ll enrol myself in some photography short course, but for the time being I have others to study. Enjoy :]

lalala 03

lalala 04

Hey look!
lalala 05

Wait, wtf is that?
lalala 06

Friday 4 September 2009

You're Buseyyy


Ah busy busy busy...busy. Too many “busy”s? The past two weeks have been none stop, giving me no time to take just one day off to sleep in and bum around the house.


I had my first closing shift two Sundays ago, where I managed to miss the last Glen Waverley train from Holmesglen, which gave me no rather option but to then walk all the way to Phil’s Mount Waverley. The sense of achievement I felt when I finally made it there was, awesome. And as a form of payment to dear Philip, and with his approval, I brought a cheeseburger meal with a chocolate thickshake – apparently it tasted like crap the next day.


For some retarded reason, I took someone’s shift at Nando’s the following Sunday, completely forgetting I had my own shift just before >< Do you know what it’s like completely a 10 (plus two 30mins breaks) shift? The pain in your feet...jhgasdhfkjh!! However, thanks to that epicly long shift, I received a nice big fat cheque this week. Minimum wage employment with tonnes of working hours ftw.


Finally, over the past few days I’ve managed to get out and take some photos for once, instead of running around the back kitchen of Nando’s and being bored out of my mind in classes. Hoping I can have Monday off, fingers crossed.


Thursday 20 August 2009

Can't Wipe The Smile Off His Face

After spending the past weekend using a 350D I was somewhat looking forward to using my D60 again. It's not that the 350D I used was bad, it just wasn't the best shaped body to hold for hours on end.

Kluger 01

Having been busy with classes and work over the past few weeks, I haven't really had the chance to go out and take some photos, so it was nice to take some photos over the weekend, however it was even better to use the D60 again. What better excuse, than the arrival of a new toy.

Kluger 02

Two ago days I come home, pull out my fake iPod ear buds and hear my mum calling out, "RICHARD!...the car's coming tomorrow." I don't know, everytime my mum calls something out, it's like she's annoyed about it - Asian parents. But that's besides the point, what matters is that the Kluger was coming...the big black Kluger! Okay, that didn't come out right...

Kluger 03

The thing is huuuuuuuuuge and actually has some power, unlike the Rav4. I love the new car smell. I think I might just go out to the garage and sit in it for an hour.

Thursday 13 August 2009

Chad Wants You

Chadian 01

After just spending several hours attending a family friend's dinner, and then moving on to sit through a very long and boring conversation at another family friend's house, I come home to a link given to me by a SeoHyun fanboy. It's because of this link I unearthed an amazing fact...that I have a country.

Feel free to read about my fantastic country here. If you're confused right now, Chad is one of my nicknames :]

Monday 10 August 2009

There's A Needle In My Foot - The Adventures of the Green Jeans

Luna 01

Luna 02

My black jeans are missing in action; not really, they’ve just been hanging on the clothes line for a few days because of Melbourne’s random weather and my laziness. This meant I had no choice but to wear the green jeans today. Any day I wear my green jeans outside has to be a day that I do something semi blog worthy, and so, after checking my work shifts for this week I stayed on the 623 bus from Chadstone and didn’t bother getting off until I got to Luna Park.

Luna 03

Luna 04

It was interesting to see how St Kilda had changed since the days I used to wonder the streets as a primary school kid. Well, it hasn’t changed that much, maybe for my next solo adventure I’ll take a tram up Carlisle Street – maybe.

Luna 05

Luna 06

Sunday 26 July 2009

And The Adventures Of The Green Jeans Continue

Adventure 01

So today the random and crazy people that make up Improv Everything Melbourne decided it would be most fitting to have a mass pillow the middle of Federation Square.

pillow fight 01

pillow fight 02

At exactly 1pm, on the stage into of the giant television in Fed Square, someone blew an air born which was when pretty everyone hanging around pulled out a pillow and just started hitting each other over and over.

pillow fight 03

pillow fight 04

After about half an hour that was the end of the pillow fighting but the Improv Everything group had other plans, and my camera’s SD card was full so I just went home...yay fun. Would have been interesting to see how their Melbourne Central thing played out, apparently they were going to start singing from each one of the levels in Melbourne Central around the clock.

pillow fight 05
Beat that girl so she's no longer a social outcast!