Wednesday 21 October 2009

Just Your Average Little Rant


LOL @ fail photo of me trying to break my phone.

What a crappy day. After waking up too late to make it to my practical class, I get online to check my bank balance. No change. Fan freaking tastic. A week after I should have been paid, I still haven’t been paid. This sucks, because I might have to pay a fine to Metlink as I didn’t have my health care card (concession card) on me today. The one time I forget to bring my wallet with me, the one time, and there has to be inspectors on the tram.

But why am I catching public transport when I have a car? On the weekend some foo managed to run into the rear of the Rav. The damage wasn’t huge, but it still means the car had to be sent off to be repaired under insurance. So, I’m carless for about a week. Yayy...not. To think I missed catching public transport.

On my way home on the bus I try going online, but the phone won’t connect to the internet. Yeah okay, this has happened before, no big deal. I get home, decide to make a call, but then get a nice message from a lady informing me that my 3 service isn’t connected. Oh really? Even after I paid your stupidly huge bill last month for random crap? 3 can go get stuffed once this contract is over.

As of today, and until sometime next week, I will be without my baby Nikon because it's with Steven so he can do some photo shoot this Saturday. I don't mind this, but when I went for my little digi cam, the battery was flat, which means that I actually typed this post up two hours ago but have simply been waiting for the battery to charge so I can take a photo to accompany this post. Fuuuuuu..

Only things that could make this worse is for my mum to come home saying that Centrelink have cut off my Youth Allowance support and that the Rav won’t be coming home until next month. Then, in a few weeks I get an appeal rejection from Metlink, forcing me to pay the $175 fine and another massive bill from 3 for crappy service. ASODHASHGFJKAHFSAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit: Phone issue resolved~ For some reason a bill payment from July was rejected. That been paid for, and I now have a huuuuuuge phone and internet cap :D