Thursday 12 November 2009

A Time To Rejoice

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So, what is a teenage meant to do with three months of holidays?

Exams are over, which marks the end of first year at RMIT for me. Freeeedom. I'm ever so slightly unsure as what to do now. Three months? That's a lot of free time, in my opinion of course.


Let the bludging begin.

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Hi *waves*

can't sleep, will melt 01

“What now?”

can't sleep, will melt 02

“Then why are you blogging?”
“Just procrastinating my sleep.”

can't sleep, will melt 03

“Don’t you have an exam tomorrow?”
“Yup. But it’s too hot to sleep, so I thought I’d go looking for some old photos I remember my dad taking years ago.”

can't sleep, will melt 04

“Don’t stay up too late okay?”

can't sleep, will melt 05

“Aiya, don’t worry. See you later.”

can't sleep, will melt 06

Saturday 7 November 2009

And A Happy Slurpee Day To You Too

my stomach hurts 01

Ever enthusiastic about obtaining goods for free, a few of us armed with nothing but a iPhone and a car, ventured out today in the quest of getting ourselves some free Slurpees.

my stomach hurts 02

We first attempted to hit the Mt Waverley 7/11 - that failed. On our second attempt, Box Hill, we were also unsuccessful. Third time lucky, Camberwell, we managed to get one. Not entirely happpy with the rude and grumpy attitude of the folk who resided there, we ventured on into the city. Our target, Collins St.

my stomach hurts 03

We came.

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We took.

my stomach hurts 04

We rejoiced.

I hope your 7/11 day was just as fun :]

my stomach hurts 05

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Sharing The Fun

I do what the can says 01

Some time last week I decided to replace my "bag camera" from my Sony P&S with my newly acquired, and vastly more awesome, Fanta can shaped film camera. Nothing fancy, just fully mechanical point and shoot, but it was great fun to use.

I do what the can says 02

After taking photos normally, I tried see if I could maybe do some double exposures with it, but the shutter button would lock after you take a photo, forcing you to advance the roll. Did I give up? No, I tried rewinding the roll to the previous photo and took another photo! Yeah...that didn't actually work out, Half my roll came out completely burned out, with a few black spots. So sad...

I do what the can says 03

I love how warm, crappy focus and film grain give some photos such a nostalgic feel.

I do what the can says 04

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