Sunday 26 July 2009

And The Adventures Of The Green Jeans Continue

Adventure 01

So today the random and crazy people that make up Improv Everything Melbourne decided it would be most fitting to have a mass pillow the middle of Federation Square.

pillow fight 01

pillow fight 02

At exactly 1pm, on the stage into of the giant television in Fed Square, someone blew an air born which was when pretty everyone hanging around pulled out a pillow and just started hitting each other over and over.

pillow fight 03

pillow fight 04

After about half an hour that was the end of the pillow fighting but the Improv Everything group had other plans, and my camera’s SD card was full so I just went home...yay fun. Would have been interesting to see how their Melbourne Central thing played out, apparently they were going to start singing from each one of the levels in Melbourne Central around the clock.

pillow fight 05
Beat that girl so she's no longer a social outcast!

Saturday 25 July 2009

Let The Adventures Of The Green Jeans Begin

"What do you think he sees in her?"
"She's smart... funny... attractive..."
"Well you know... she has nice... skin."
"So you think he is going out with her because she has nice skin?"
"I'm just saying it could be a contributing factor."
"Hermione has nice skin. You know, as far as skin goes." etc.

Green Jeans 01

If you haven't guessed it, that was an extract from a conversation between Harry and Ron in the latest instalment of the Harry Potter movie adaptation series, which to be honest, was quite amusing having watched it for the second time. Apologises to any Harry Potter fans, but don’t you think that maybe, perhaps, just a little, they were trying a tad too hard this time around? I’d have to agree with my friend that it was a little too serious, even if they were going for the more mature feel.

Green Jeans 02

In other news, I have exchanged sheets of plastic rectangles for a pair of green skinny jeans. I’ll find out soon enough if they were an absolutely horrible choice or if they’re simply just meh.

And that’s the news.

Saturday 18 July 2009

"It Combines Jogging And Photography."

photo jog 01

For some the second semester of TAFE started this week, as for the others this will be the last week of holidays for them before they drag themselves through another semester of university – suffer. I on the other hand have another week to sleep until 4pm and aimlessly surf the internets.

photo jog 02

As I’m still unemployed and without a car, it can be a little troublesome making the journey all the way over to the east side of Melbourne to meet up with friends – not that I get invited over regularly. So...lately I’ve decided to take my camera with me whenever I go for a run. Yes, it was inspired by Yes Man...shush up.

photo jog 03

photo jog 04

You can view the rest of the photos I edited from today on my flickr page.

photo jog 05

Now if you’ll excuse me, my secondary LCD screen seems to want me to pull out its power cord with all the whinging it is doing.

photo jog 06

Thursday 9 July 2009

The Day I Died And Came Back As A Mindless Retard


This morning nearly I burned the kitchen down. Don't leave food cooking in the oven for too long mmkay?

The sound of the phone ringing is still echoing in my head. Telemarketers, sod off. If you won't play a game with me, don't bother calling. Let me sleep in next time.

Went to Highpoint in search of a cross over cable and a audio extension cable. Dick Smith wanted 10 times the amount of MSY and Jaycar. They can get lost. JB...were just hopeless.

Went to ALDI after. They didn't have corn chips. They really should start stocking corn chips. Cashier gave me extra change, but I didn't realise until I got home. Now I got free lunch and an extra $10.

How'd the above cause my brain to explode? They didn't. The internets did.


A collection of thoughts

Morning. phone just crashed on me. Love it when it does that. No seriously, I'm not being sarcastic or anything, it truely is fantastic.

What's you view on smoking?

Had a odd dream last night. Not sure what to make of it. Had aspects in it that related to my real life, so maybe it means something? Pft, time to be a man and think manly things. Woo look its my bass.

sky 01

Someone once told me, a sign that you're happy in life, is when you look up at the sky at least three times a day. Times where you remember this and force yourself to look up don't count.

Just remembered that I don't know when semester starts. RMIT email won't work for me. Meh.

After one of the longest, most indirect conversation of my life, I was finally told some good news last night. At least I think it's good news. We'll see how it pans out later.

Really wish I had my Ps. Aimlessly driving around after midnight sounds so appealing. Guess I got that from my dad. Wonder where that guy is right now. Better not be dead.

I think I'll give doing parodies of people's blogs a pass, might come across as offence.

Let's hope the next one of these is more positive.

Monday 6 July 2009

Here again to make your brain implode

my eyes 01

As you can see, I now have a shoe/tee shelf in my waredrobe. At first I thought having one would be a great idea, keeps the shoes off the floor and out of the way, what more could I want? However, it only crossed my mind when I finished putting my shoes in it, that, my waredrobe will now stink of dirt and sweaty socks. Brilliant.

Any of you who read my blog, which I doubt there are many of you, do you have any ideas on how I could prevent this? I'd rather not go outside smelling like yesterday's turd or some cock that drowned himself in after shave.

Another thing it made me realise, is that I don't wear about 80% of the clothes that are in my waredrobe. How you girls manage to convince yourself to keep so many bits and pieces is beyond me right now. So it looks like there's going to be a few trips to the Op Shop bin once I get my Ps...

NB: this was not a parody post.