Friday 26 March 2010

You Fail At Manual

stall 01

Last year when I went for my Ps test, I was given no choice but to take it in a car with an automatic transmission, as our household has always owned cars without a stick shift (oh how American of me).

stall 02

So naturally, when I went I to buy a car it had to be a manual - I'm that kind of guy. Even more naturally, when the moment called for me to move my "new" manual car out of the driveway and into the garage, I couldn't. I count about 3 stalls from my three point turn.

stall 03

My incompetence to grasp the skill of a manual transmission struck hard in my heart, so much so, that I had to dream about it. Then again, it was a dream, and dreams more often then not, are full of lies and false hope. So in my dream, I was driving around my neighbourhood effortlessly in my "new" old car, and me being me, I couldn't help but hoon a little. As I made a turn, the car choose to spin out of control...and kept spinning, around and around and around and around and around and around...

Then I woke up and I realised, in reality, I still suck.

Tuesday 16 March 2010

Dream Time

dream time 01

Recently SOMEONE keeps mentioning that I'm ronery and how I must be so ronery living alone. Well I guess those words must have followed me to bed.

dream time 02

This house is huge. Slowly people have begun to leave, and with them inanimate possession follow. It is only
now that I've started to realise how empty this house is becoming - it's lacking things to hold.

dream time 03

Now it's time to stop mopping inside these white walls and make my way outdoors to find things that would be more than happy to call this place their humble pie home.

dream time 04

Monday 15 March 2010