Tuesday 30 June 2009


meh 01

Thought I might as blog about something, as it has been some time since my last one. Bu bu bu buuu.

Woke up at about 3 something this afternoon, after a 14 hour or so sleep. Meh. Stickers for the forum guys found their way into my letter box while I was asleep. Meh. A whole lot of stuff got downloaded last night, so I had something to watch. Meh. Now I'm blogging about my very eventful day. meh!

Oh I ended up reading through a tonne of other blogs today, which got me thinking, what if I – in all my lameness – attempt a “parody” of all of the personal blogs I read. Might work, might not. First, I need to get out and do things with people, as to fuel the events that make up these parody posts. Hope that made sense, and if not, meh.

Thursday 18 June 2009

Chadon is still getting fustrated

Fustrated 01

I'm trying to look for something to post as my first blog on KPop 1 but stuff is taking forever to load! Trying to look through some recent articles to make sure I don't double post (oh how embarrassment that would be), but I think by the time I finally finish typing it up and post it...it might be very old news already.

Someone tell me how to use my phone as a 3G modem without paying 3 to let me do it ><

credits to Chloe for the drawing once again.

Oh Restaurant City

Restaurant City 01

Was having such a good day, then people started coming home, which meant they would jump on the net, which means I get fustratingly slow internet. Normally if everyone's home internet speeds would be fine...but we're capped!

Yeah I'm a bit to blame for downloading a bit *sniggers* during the off peak periods, but for whatever reason someone thought it would be an ingenious idea to go and download 4 odd gigs in the middle of the day. If I find out who is downloading during the day in the house, they're going to get 10 good bitch slaps in a row.

By now you should have figured out, 'capped net with many users' plus 'Facebook's simplistic yet addictive Restaurant City' equals the reason for this ranting blog post. Good thing the last thing I did before last logging onto RC was closing up and putting all my staff to rest (they're sleeping, not with the fishes silly, in bed peacefuly). I've spammed the refresh button for 10 minutes straight, but I get nothing!

Now I'm off to go see if my Google Reader will load. If it doesn't, I'm going to forcefully retire my laptop over my balcony edge.

What is this poop

Poop 01

*insert upset face*

Man there goes my nights of sitting out on the balcony with my laptop. What the hell is this?! There were tiles there yesterday. This black poop better be covered up with fresh tiles by the weekend or I'm going to rage quit over the had rails.

And a little word of advice to you tradies, it's probably not the best idea to start hammering and banging things at 7.30 in the morning - some people do sleeping and quit enjoy it.

Poop 02

Sunday 14 June 2009

A new, old love

minolta 01

No this isn't another impulse buy. Despite what you might think, photography has been a hobby in my family for generations...at least for the boys on my father's side. My father had an old slab of steel Olympus film SLR when he was still hanging with me - which might explain why one of the cameras I really want is a super old skool film Olympus.

Not sure why I didn't remember it sooner, but this morning I suddenly remembered I stashed away some old black camera in a box in the garage. After playing with all my old toys I came across, I found it! All I remembered was that, for whatever reason, it was in a Canon box...but wasn't a Canon.

Minolta 02

Actually, I think it was Richie's tweet about high-speed photography that made something in my brain just click. Reading about flashes, and wondering how much a flash would cost, then just tweeting back asking for a flash, then suddenly remembering about this flash an aunt gave me out of the blue for no reason what-so-ever. Yeah, that's probably what happened...

Minolta 03

Like I said, all I remember was that it was in a Canon box (was a Canon Super 28 Caption Prima box if you wanted to know) but I had no memory of what it was. Turns out, it was a MINOLTA! A fully automatic one, aside from the ISO settings, which was a little disappoiting. But a MINOLTA! Red Ranger couldn't believe it either.

Minolta 04

Minolta 05

I noticed this switch on the back, which I initially had no idea what it was for. Thinking, after reading that high-speed photography articleit might be a sound sensor for the shutter, but sif this camera has one. Turns out, it talks to you! I switched out the awesome old skool Energizer batteries that expired in 2003 (the ones with the cool power bar meter thing) and popped in new a new pair of AA. It rewinds and then I hear this Japanese woman tell me in Engrish, "no film". This little feature just makes up for all it's auto'ness.

Minolta 06

Minolta 07

If your eyes are dead after looking at all these photos today, I'm sorry...still a total noob at post-production. But I leave you with a final shot of the whole camera body.

Minolta 08

Saturday 13 June 2009

Remember folks, smile

don't worry be happy

Took this at a family dinner I had last week. Was bored out of my mind with everyone talking about buying property and different way of investment. So I drew a smiley face using tea from a near by puddle on the table. :]