Tuesday 20 March 2012

Day 15: トヨタ

There's a rustling of blankets and clothes that catch my ears' attention and pull me from my sleep. My eyes open to see blonde hair flicker, in the morning light, belonging to a passing stranger. Eyes half open, not interested in shiny hair, star at the morning sun filled window like a fool that has never seen the sun before. The door closes to my right, bringing me back to my surroundings where I notice that the two futons which were once occupied, are now neatly made and partially put away. I should probably get wash up and check out, too.

Standing outside Nagoya station, my luggage recently locked up, I make haste for a train to Toyota's Kaikan museum.

Being the dazed lost traveler that I am, I miss the right station, though I didn't think it. Sitting patiently in my seat, waiting to hear the name of the station I'm meant to disembark, the train conductor approaches me and asks for my ticket. Giving him my ticket, he checks it, then looks at me, puzzled. "Where are you going?" he seems to ask. "Toyota Kaikan hakubutsukan." Chuckling at my answer, he directs me to the train line map above the door and points out where we are and where I should have gotten off. I wasn't even close, nonetheless, I stay on the train until it loops back.

It doesn't take long to reach the museum from the train station and subsequently walk through the place. A few rooms discussing the companies future green goals, a little on their production line, some filler promotions and a corner where their racing team LFA sits surrounded by wall of Toyota's racing history. The showroom coming after concludes the hour, or less, walk. Now what? Noticing, on the walk from the station before, that the immediate area consists of mainly factories, the museum was all I had to be content with here. Then I remember Toyota also offered tours of the plant next door, so walking back to the reception desk and stringing together some words I ask about joining a tour of the plant. Smiling as she processes my extremely broken Japanese, the uniformed lady answers something along the lines of, "Sorry, but tours have ended for the day." Just my luck, ey. So what will it be, then?

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